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Data Pack 6.49€ All three packs
only 15.58€
USB Pack 6.49€
Map Pack 6.49€

You can purchase the extension packs from the app in the Google Playstore (start screen → Extension Packs). There you will also find prices in your local currency.

The extension packs offer additional great functions.

Any installed extension pack allows to use an unlimited number of divers and dives.

The ‘Data Pack’ gives you many more functions:

The ‘USB Pack’ allows you to directly connect your dive computer to your smartphone or tablet and download the dives into DiveMate USB. No PC is required.
Your device needs to have Android 3.1 and higher and it should support USB host mode (please check with the manufacturer). You require a USB Host cable and the USB interface for your dive computer.
Currently the following dive computer are supported:

If your dive computer is missing please send us an email at

The ‘Map Pack’ offers further functions regarding maps. It is possible to use any self-calibrated sea charts. Furthermore you have the following additional functions: